Content Creation: A Gateway to Opportunities[by Malavi]

Content Creation: A Gateway to Opportunities[by Malavi]


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Hello readers, I'm Malavi and super excited to share the takeaways from the space hosted by ReactIO as a part of their first anniversary. Honestly worth the space to get to know a lot of things. Even though it is a QA type of discussion but the speaker's answers are relatable to everyone who is decided to start and who thinking of content creation as a career.

I am sure you just finish the article by knowing something new so, stay tuned let's get into the blog.

How to start content creation

From the discussion, I get to know it is very subjective.

  1. One will start content creation as a hobby.

  2. Another will be to document their journey.

  3. A few start content creation if they get bored(Prathim).

Again it's our choice which category we will belong in to create content. The ultimate goal is to write something meaningful that will help YOU as well as others.

How to choose a TOPIC

This is another question raised if we decided to create content. Again we need not

use pro strategies to choose a topic to create content on it.

If you write what you are learning is also one type of content. Yeah, it may not useful for people right now but it will help you in the future to get revised.

My small takeaway (๐Ÿ˜‹):

If you just started content creation one question you will face

There is a hell of content on that particular topic on the internet why should I even spend my time creating another one??

Well, there is a great say I heard from one of the Twitter spaces. Yes, there is huge content but there is no blog/article with your name.

  1. One of the speakers said that they write content that has fewer resources on the internet.

  2. One will pick a topic because their audience expects content on that.

But one will decide to take content creation has a profession need to take care of what content they are producing and if your content is what are people looking for you are pretty much confident then better start your own blog.


Via content creation, you can be well-known or you can be known well.

From the speaker, I understand content creation has huge scope in terms of earning money or growing in socials. But again in long term, only we can only expose opportunities.

  1. we can have a chance to connect with a lot of amazing people.

  2. I can also get to know if we want a job in a particular field and start creating content that way people can reach out to you to give opportunities.

  3. The niche that we have to target matters a lot.

We need to be extremely strategic when choosing one particular offer to stick with that community for a long go.

Strategies to create high-quality content

The creation of high-quality content does not happen instantaneously, and we can able to give the finest content only when we are in the race continuously. In addition to this, we also need to continuously examine content by

  1. Taking feedback from the other creators/ readers.

  2. Reviewing & readjusting by taking some time before publishing

  3. Make sure that we use a simple and user-friendly tone even beginners can understand

  4. Create that curiosity in the audience. Value the reader's time

  5. Don't follow the click bytes(Just to get the attention of the audience)

As a beginner don't look at the number of followers, likes and views because it may depress you instead focus on creating high-value content.

Content creation itself needs long-term attachment. If you have that patience then it will a good career option.

Beginner Advice

Do decide what is the motto of creating the content.

  1. Enjoy what your doing.

  2. Don't think you get the reach in a few months or a year to get a good result you have to play the long game

  3. Don't expect much from any content you create. Like this blog/article suppose to have this much reach.

What is being consistent

We all have this thing in mind consistency means we have to create some sort of content every day otherwise it doesn't mean being consistent.

  1. We need not create content daily.

  2. Consistency is not a single thing but, a person is consistent with the frequency he/she has. Again it's extremely subjective for every individual.

  3. Choosing a platform(YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium) also plays a major role to be consistent.

Is it worth creating content in the ChatGPT era?

After AI come into the picture we have all these doubts regarding job loss, As ChatGPT is answering our questions in the form of text those who are willing to choose content creation as a career have that insecurity and no more or less chance to reach our content by the people.

But the one thing we have to remember and always keep in mind is ChatGPT is not generating answers on its own instead it eventually finds the best answers on the web only with high ranking. So, it is again with the content created by someone.

It has a huge score in the future also.

Time management

If you pick content creation as a side hustle then probably you need to allocate a certain amount of time apart from the daily work you do.

Time management comes with time only means if you write more you get a better idea of how to write fast.

In addition to this if you enjoy the process of creating content you will set out a precise hour of your day for content creation.

Content monetization?

After getting a good reach people start to recognize your work and reach out to you to give an offer as a content creator of their product.

In this process don't SHY to monetize (earn revenue from) your content because you're putting your good hours in the process. If you got a chance just go for it.

There are mainly 2 ways to get income from the content we create either create content for their product or promote their content.

How to find once NICHE?

NICHE is the thing that keeps our work and us from the rest of the content creators. One can find their niche by experimenting a lot. While experimenting we will get to know what the audience is expecting from us and what we are good at.

The audience gives us acknowledgment by showing their interest through likes, views and sometimes even comments. Eventually, you will get an idea of which domain you have to focus on.

Creating a niche in our daily work will also help you stay on track. It's nothing but creating content that you're currently learning.


These are my takeaways from the Twitter space. To be honest, I get to know a lot of things from the amazing speakers. While writing things I learned I even got a deep understanding of each thing discussed. Thank you Reactplay for organizing the amazing session!!

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